Living Life on the Edge

9 Oct

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Western Ireland.  I was looking forward to finally see the rolling hills and green grass that comes to mind when I think of Ireland.  Not only was I excited to leave the city of Dublin to see another part of Ireland, but also to hear people speak the native language of Irish.  The only time I have had the opportunity to hear Irish are the few times I have learned simple phrases from my professor, Donal.  Therefore, I was extremely excited to listen to the locals’ conversations in the hopes of picking up a few new words and phrases!

When visiting Western Ireland, I was consistently impressed by the amazing views and history of the area.  My favorite part of the trip was traveling to the Inish-More and visiting Den Aengus.  Instantly, the beauty captivated me.  The clear skies and sights are unforgettable and as I have learned from similar experiences, photographs do not do the area justice.  Den Aengus is a fort from the Iron Age, dating back to three thousand years ago, constructed entirely from stone. The fort was built on the edge of a cliff and consists of four defensive walls to protect the inhabitants from invaders.  In addition, the steep walk up to the fort was strategically constructed as a supplementary measure to prevent an attack up the slope.  From the measures taken to construct a well-protected and easily defendable fort, I can conclude that Den Aengus was the location of a lot of warfare.  In addition, the fort originated from the Iron Age, a time of violence, which supports my conclusion.

Unfortunately, no one knows who built Den Aungus.  While some believe that the Danes constructed the fort there is no sufficient evidence to fully support this argument.  Despite the mystery of the fort’s origin, Den Aungus remains the most breath-taking place I have seen thus far in Ireland.



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