8 Oct


I recently had the opportunity to travel to County Sligo in the west of Ireland. From Dublin, the bus ride took about four hours through the Irish Country side where the roads were narrow and winding. In Sligo I had the opportunity to hike through the hills and visit cairns which were hundreds of years old. On our first hike our guide took us to what he believed was the tomb of Queen Maeve. The tomb was a large structure of rocks piled on top of one another. It was essentially a hill of rocks. On a second hike we visited two other cairns which were opened. This meant that we could go inside. Despite its large structure, the cairn had a surprisingly low ceiling height. It was interesting to see how these tombs were separated into difference chambers inside. There were three distinct rooms in addition to a foyer area. My favorite part of the trip was our day of surfing. We took a bus ride from the eco lodge we were staying at to a beach on the west coast. We got suited up in wet suits and headed to the beach with our surf boards where we received surf lessons. For the next hour or so we practiced what we had been taught in the ocean. Even though this experience taught me that I do not have a future in surfing, I also learned that you should always try new things because you never know what new experiences might hold.



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