The Iron (Aran) Islands – Kushal Raval

6 Oct

­­When for the first time I heard the name Aran Islands, I immediately connected it to the iron islands in a book/ TV series called Game of Thrones, illustrating a kingdom built on the cliffs surrounded by water with nearly everything made of iron. Hence when I reached the Aran Islands on the trip to Galway, it could be safely said, I was certainly not disappointed.  From the time that the group arrived at Galway it was a perfect combination of fun/knowledge.  From the historical facts, architecture to the pictures from the cliffs and very friendly atmosphere of the city, it was undoubtedly a great experience. However the one part of my trip that caught my attention the most was the trip to the Aran Island, from the warlike build that was explained later to multiple other viewpoints from a scenic perspective.

One of the best things I saw was captured into a beautiful picture which not only had visual elegance but could also be seen as a reference to Irish history.



The picture above compares the water as the invasive forces that have tried to invade Ireland while the rocky cliffs form a sort of Trojan wall which represents the Irish resistance to such invasions. This is one of the reasons why this part of the trip was one of my favorite along with which I met a pretty great dog which just brightened up the experience even more. 

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