Phoenix Park (Aaron Lee)

6 Oct

Last weekend I decided to go for a run, however I was not sure where to go. My friends had told me about a park that was near by so I decided to go see how it was. After running for about 10 minutes, I was inside what seemed like an endless vast of green grass. It wasn’t until I saw a sign for a bike rental did I realize that I was in Phoenix Park. It was shocking to me that just a short run outside of Blackhall place could bring me into such a beautiful, quiet area, that strongly contrast with the city center.

Phoenix Park is located north of the river Liffey. It is considered one of the largest walled city parks in Europe and it is about 1750 acres. The Dublin Zoo, the Papal Cross, the Welling monument and the Peoples Gardens are all located inside the park.

During my run in the park, I passed the Wellington Monument, the Deerfield Residence and the Magazine fort. As I kept running I realized that Phoenix Park is very similar to Central Park, the park I frequent at home. Both had areas that were busy with tourist, both had many sites within them, and both had areas that were very secluded from the busy city. I felt like I was back at home even though I was still in Dublin. It was a very relaxing experience for me.




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