Trip to London (Brianna Sedor)

5 Oct

This weekend I took a trip to visit a friend in London. I was very interested to see the differences and similarities between the two cities, especially now that I have learned more about the two in Irish Life and Cultures and I know the tension between them. My flight and bus ride were uneventful, but the first difference emerged when I arrived in the city. It was very busy and Loud even though it was almost midnight. The city is a lot bigger than Dublin and there was a lot more people around all of the time. 

Now that I know the tension and feelings in Dublin created from English Rule over Ireland, I was curious to see if there was an opposite sentiment in London. I did not go out of my way to ask anyone about the situation, but I also did not hear it brought up in any of my conversations with locals, which does make sense. 

Another major difference that is very obvious is the accent. Before coming to Dublin I never heard a difference between the two accents, but now they sound nothing alike to me. The size and amount of people is an obvious difference, but I didn’t think I would notice as much. London’s population is approximately 8 million versus Ireland’s 525 thousand people. 
The nightlife is also slightly different. Most people go to clubs, not pubs or bars. 

Although I did not learn everything there is to know about London culture this weekend, I did learn a lot. The most important thing I learned is that I love my home in Dublin. It might just be that I am used to Dublin and my own apartment, but there is something about it that really feels like my home. I feel as though it is more of a manageable city, which is much more suited for me. 
I can’t wait to get back home to my apartment in Dublin. 


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