3 Oct

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the west of Ireland. We stayed at the city of Galway which is the largest city of the province of Connacht. On the first day we took a ferry to the Aran Islands. On the island we saw a lot of monasteries and we were told that during The Dark Ages the islands was a hub for education and arts for people around Europe. Ireland was immune from the dissention of The Roman Empire and thus had an influx of people seeking a safe haven. We visited the fortress of Dun Aengus, marveled at the beauty of the surrounding cliffs, and took the opportunity to take some particularly daring photographs. Upon returning to Galway we were attacked by a zombie charity run and I was unfortunately infected (They put make up on me and I joined the run).






The next day we got on a bus and visited many other sites. We learned a great many Irish songs on the bus; I would have to say my favorites were “Dirty old town” and “on the rocky road to Dublin”. “One, two, three four, five, Hunt the Hare and turn her down the rocky road all the way to Dublin, Whack follol de rah!”  First, we stopped at Ailwee cave and we witnessed some spectacular scenery. It was interesting to learn that the cave initially found by a farmer in 1944 but he had not thought to tell anyone for about 30 years, so it was only officially discovered in 1973. We then walked counter-clockwise around a fairy fort and were told to make a wish. Finally we visited The Cliffs of Moher. Despite it being a foggy day we were able to appreciate the sheer majesty of the cliffs. All in all Galway was a truly unique experience and I am glad I had the opportunity to partake in it. – Saeed


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