Weekend in Sligo

2 Oct

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit Sligo with a small group of NU.in students. It was an interesting experience as every part of the trip had some element of surprise.

After a long bus ride, we finally arrived at the Gyreum Ecolodge, located at the top of a hill with winding, narrow paths. I was completely caught off guard as I entered the Gyreum. Our living quarters were set up in a circular fashion with beds at the outskirts of the circle with a dining table and gathering area in the middle. Essentially, we were all sleeping in the same room. I have never stayed in an ecolodge before and was not accustomed to the style of living. Nonetheless, I became used to the arrangement and found it to be pretty convenient for talking with friends and the accessibility of the dining area.

Canoeing was an interesting experience as well. Although I have never been canoeing, I assumed we would just be paddling in the river. However, our tour guide led us to a hidden, and uninhabited island about two or three miles into our journey. After we landed, we were able to explore the land where we found ruins of an old house and church.

During our last day in Sligo, we went to see the Carrowkeel Megaithic Tombs. Instead of taking us by the way of the short route which only takes about fifteen to twenty minutes, our tour guide led us on an obscure path through heavy thickets of weeds and bushes that took us nearly an hour to get to the tombs. By then I was almost too angry, from all the scrapes and sheep poop in my shoes, to appreciate these historic artifacts. Nonetheless, I got over my annoyances and managed to enjoy the experience crawling into the ancient tombs.

Although it had its ups and downs, overall Sligo was a great trip with many surprising twists and turns.

IMAG0269-Claire Jiang



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