Transport and Communications

2 Oct

The National Museum of Ireland was an interesting place to explore.  I liked seeing the similarities and the differences between this Museum and ones from America.  There were so many different articles to relate to such as: the jewellery, the cross, the Ohham script writing and many more.  It was overwhelming to try to see and understand all of the articles there.  I liked the set-up of the Museum how there were so many rooms and staircases to roam through. 

One thing that caught my eye especially was the Lurgan Logboat.  It is too big to be fully captured in one photo.  The Lurgan Logboat was important around the Early Bronze Age.  It was made in about 2,500 BC.  Transportation and communication were obviously important and the Lurgan Logboat helped people get to one another and move goods, especially useful for trade around Ireland.  It is the oldest surviving Irish boat discovered in 1902 in a spot that had once been a small lake, called Addergoole Bog made straight from the tree trunk.  It was made of all organic materials, over 15m long and over 1m wide.  Logboats were most common in North Western Europe.  They were used between the Neolithic and Medieval times.  Though it was obvious the boat was a beat up and in rough shape I thought it was amazing that it was made over 4,000 years ago and still in one piece.  There is so much to see in Ireland and the Museum has many important artefacts.  I am glad that I was able to observe the different artefacts that have come from Ireland over so many years.


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