The Gallagh Man

2 Oct

The artifact I chose and found most interesting was the Gallagh Man from the Iron Age around 400-200 bc.  The body looked like it had some kind of treatment done to it to keep it well preserved for a long time. The body was very well intact compared to the other ones in the museum, for being so old.  The other bodies were just pieces and parts of the original however the Gallagh Man was basically complete.

This artifact is an important part of Irish history because it reinforces the idea that people have lived here in Ireland for a long time.  It is also useful because you can analyze information found with the body to learn more about what was going on around the time of the death.

The sign with the body stated that the man was discovered with a deerskin cape and there were two rods on either side of the body.  Some of the other bodies in the museum were analyzed and it was found what remnants they had in their stomach, which led to the ideas of what time of year the body died in.  They also could see how the person died by looking at wounds or depressions in the body once they found it.  They gave a possibility that the Gallagh man could have died of strangling and that’s why his deerskin cape was tied at his neck with some willow rods. They can see what foods they were eating and maybe see if there were certain items that were scarce at the time.

A lot of these bodies were found when cutting for peat which I thought was a neat concept and the fact that they were all still very well intact may be because the peat covering shielded them.  Either way finding these bodies and analyzing them is essential.  This is all useful information in learning more about the past of Ireland and creating a more complete history.



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