National Museum Of Ireland

2 Oct

I know a lot of people probably wrote about this particular exhibit but it was by far the most interesting thing I have ever seen in a museum and I needed to write about it!
The very first part of the Museum was my favorite, seeing “Prehistoric Ireland” and more specifically the Iron Age bodies were extremely interesting. This exhibit showed off a lot of different findings that date back as far as 3700 BC. I found it pretty intense how they had the bodies on display the way they did, watch in its own little circle room. I spent the most time looking at Old Croghan Man, early Iron Age, 362-175 BC. The body itself was obviously extremely decade but giving its age, in very well condition and obviously preserved well. This particular person was over 25 years old when he died and you could see that he was tall, and the description said that he was probably built. His skin looked as if it was melting into the block it was placed on. I found it pretty disturbing but the most interesting and my pictures are not very great because I just felt wrong photographing it…
I think this body; along with the others just really put it into perspective about how real life is. We obviously all know that there was life on this plant thousands of years ago but I have never seen an actually body like I did here, and it makes you realize that these people where alive once just like you and me. I find it very bizarre, you can really see their features on their face even and it’s scary. These bodies are the most important thing we could find because with these bodies we can analyze every bit of them and it makes it a lot easier to see people use to live so long ago.
With all this being said I still find it the best pieces of the Museum they are just so real, and seeing actual people from prehistoric Ireland and then going to the next room and seeing tools and objects these people probably used makes it all come together. But the fact that this body was walking around and breathing air at one point just makes it so much better than all the other artifacts.



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