Dublin Castle

1 Oct

One of the first monuments I saw in Dublin as I embarked on this study abroad journey was the Dublin Castle.  While I enjoyed the beauty of the castle, I think I enjoyed the history of it more. There is an exhibit next to the guest shop that describes the Dublin Castle’s extensive history. The Dublin Castle is considered the heart of Dublin’s history because it has been through a lot since its creation. It has stood since the 1st century AD, being used as a control center for wars and religious persecution. It even survived the Civil War. Now, it’s used for visitors, such as myself, and hosts formal gatherings for leaders of business and the government.










I considered this the most beautiful part: the Bedford Tower

IMG_0382 IMG_0383











It was really cool to know the history and then view the sculptures and know the meaning behind them. The statues below were on the gates entering the center of the georgian courtyard, and represent fortitude and justice. These symbolize the soldiers that fought in wars centered in Dublin Castle.

IMG_0384 IMG_0385










My day at the Dublin Castle was a success. It didn’t even rain! I learned a lot, and want to go back again soon to go on the actual tour (which is 3.50 euros for students). I learned to really appreciate Irish scenery and history!!


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