Trip to Galway.

30 Sep

My trip to Gulway was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when we went to the Cliffs of moher. There we went for a long walk between the cliffs, which were very high, and we also enjoyed the breathtaking scenery in this area. Another thing I liked about the trip was when I joined the zombie walk in the streets in Dublin. The zombie walk is basically made to collect donations for the underprivileged and to celebrate this event; people in Galway tend to walk in the streets dressed up like zombies. During this walk, you can see the harmony between people and how happy they are for what they did (donating.) Finally, the trip to the Island was very interesting. We went in tour around the island and there, we saw some ancient houses and churches that have been existing in the area for hundreds of years and we also took a walked through some high cliffs and enjoyed the beautiful views. 


Zaid Tahabsem


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