The Trip to Galway.

30 Sep

Last week we went to a small city in west Ireland named Galway.  It is on the coast fo Ireland so that means it near the ocean. I love ocean when I was young. The bus ride took us about 3 hours and I was windy outside. Although the bus ride was boring but it worth, because the view there was amazing.

When we arrived we got in a hostel named Snoozies. And there was a small town near the hostel, people went to there to have fun every night. That was interesting.  The first morning we took a bus to the Cliffs of moher, we saw a smallcastle and large cliffs. The most interesting thing to me was watching the ocean and felt it. But the view was not great as the second day.

The next day we went to the Aran Islands. There was a small town and we took two buses to travel around the town. We went to a ancient church but now it was used as a cemetery. This place was nothing special but I can feel the nature when I stood front of the church, I can feel the great of nature. Then we walked to a cliff here. I mean I love the cliff the most because I can actually feel the ocean and see the ocean, I can feel the wind and I can do nothing here but just listen. The view here was also amazing. I can feel how great the nature is.


The cliff is already 2500 years old. When I sat on the cliff, I love that feeling of history flowing through me. But our time was limited, we had to go back to blackhall on Sunday.

Galway proved a different city from Dublin, it is far away from the busy city, people here can truly feel the nature. I love this place, I will remember it for years and visit here again!

By Min Luo.


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