My Trip to Galway (Avery Cok)

30 Sep

I would like to consider myself a curious and adventurous man. So, when I heard about the trip to Galway, I knew that exploring another portion of Ireland would be another thing I can check off my bucket list. Although a good amount of the trip was spent driving from place to place, it was a great experience. That weekend was action-packed and there was something to do every single moment of the day. My first day was filled with great excitement in which I got the privilege to visit a mysterious cave and to be able to visit the Cliffs of Moher. I would like to add that I was too afraid to be able to hang my legs over the cliff, which somewhat disappoints me. However, being there was just as good enough for me. I enjoyed every part of that day. The nature of the cliffs was so serene and beautiful and I found myself to stare at the waves as it clashed against the broken rock at the bottom of the cliffs. I literally loved every single part of the cliffs. There is nothing I can complain about. I felt so peaceful, while I was there. I am so grateful to have experienced something like that and feel so privileged to be able to see things like that. I have a few people to thank for that. The first is the wonderful people at the program that made these trips able to happen. And the second, for obvious reasons, are my parents who have given me so many opportunities that I’m so thankful for and I feel as if I can’t thank them enough. My trip to both Dublin and Galway has been a humbling experience. I have learned many things since my arrival, which revolve around growing up and becoming a man. I am actually so thankful to college because, without it, I don’t know where my life would be headed nor would I have ever been coercing myself to learn how to live independently.  But, I don’t want to stray from the topic of Galway too much. Galway is an interesting area. The places we went to were breathtaking, if that is fair enough to say because I feel as if that is an understatement. Truthfully, my trip is really hard to explain in words.  Let me put it like this. Day One: filled with amazing and interesting sites to see. The view of the cliffs cannot be done justice with words or just pictures; it is a place that has to be visited and adored with the human eyes. The cave was filled with exuberantly colored minerals and has this natural rocky smell to it, which I loved. The sites on the road were very enhancing and the views of the bodies of water were extraordinary. The water looked so crisp and clean. In addition, the vegetation at the cliffs was so lively and abundant. The picture of the rocky terrain was just so cool and interesting and I feel as if there is an elaborate story that can be told from it. In plain, all of the sites were just beautiful and gorgeous.  The next day was filled with just as much excitement.  There were more cliffs to look down from (I took a picture of how close to the edge I was able to place my feet without freaking out), but there was really no beauty to stare into. Well, one could marvel at the natural beauty of  how it was built, but it was really hard to see through the exorbitant amount of fog that permeated the air. The day was filled with exploration of the island. We went to a graveyard, which was really cool. I was extremely interested in the way that the tombstones looked and how the overall design of the graveyard was. In sum, I had a great time on the weekend trip; I just wish I didn’t have to leave so early, but we all have to do things in life that we don’t want to do. As a result of this trip, I feel more connected to the Irish culture, that I have come to know and love, during my stay in Ireland. Thanks for reading!

-Avery Cok







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