My first impressions of Ireland

30 Sep

Before I came to Ireland I had many doubts about how I would fit in. I didn’t think I would like Dublin as much as home. I didn’t think I would want to learn Irish and definitely didn’t think I would love Dublin so much. When I landed at the airport, I could not believe how cold it was. I knew Ireland would be colder than New York in the fall and winter, but I was thinking it would be just as warm in the summer. When I stepped outside, I was freezing. I felt like I needed  a winter coat. I have got to say that the weather at first did not make a good impression on me. As my friends and I were driving to our new home, I first thought I was living in the countryside. I was totally unfamiliar with my surroundings. I am used to busier streets and more people walking around. Dublin felt empty. There are also a lot more churches here which I expected, but not one at every other corner. I have never seen so many churches in just one area. When I first started shopping at the grocery stores it was bit of a culture shock because I am used to these huge supermarkets and I felt that places such as “Centra” did not make the cut. When I did finally find a supermarket, I  still thought it wasn’t enough. Though I have learned to cope, I still miss the huge supermarkets that have every kind of food one can imagine back home. After a week or two, I really started to love Dubin. I love the city and how easy it is to get around. My first impression was that I would always get lost and never know where to go. Now, I feel that Dublin is like a second home and I will be very sad when the time comes to return to New York. 


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