Trip to Galway (Brianna Sedor)

29 Sep

Before going on our trip to Galway there were many ideas of what it would be like already in my head. I expected many farms and not many people. A lot of animals and not much to do. I was very very wrong. 
We had a great tour guide giving us many facts along the way to Galway. A lot we have already heard and also many new facts I did not know. We arrived at Snoozles Hostel in about two and a half hours. This was my first time at a hostel and I was a bit nervous for what was in store. I was happy to be rooming with people I didn’t know very well. It was nice to get to know new people. The room had two bunk beds, a balcony, and a nice size shower. I was pleasantly surprised by the room, but I have to say it really made me appreciate my apartment in Smithfield.

That night a few friends and I went to dinner in the main part of Galway. I was very surprised at the amount of people out at night. It was a beautiful city and the main street really reminded me of Grafton Street. There was a lot going on but I knew we had a big weekend ahead of us so I wanted a good night’s sleep. 
The next day we were up bright and early for sight seeing. The bus rides were very relaxing and filled with Donal’s endless knowledge of Ireland which I always love. I spent most of the time looking out the windows at all of the animals and houses. And if we are being honest I spent some time sleeping as well. My favorite part of the day was the Cliffs of Moher. The caves were amazing, but the Cliffs were like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It was a little scary getting close to the edge, but once you saw the view it was all worth it. The size and beauty of the cliffs was truly breathtaking. We also really lucked out with the weather. 
The next day we visited the Aran Islands. It was a bit cloudier this day, but I think this added to the effect of the cliffs and the shoreline. I first bought a beautiful, warm sweater from a shop close to where we exited the ferry. I also had a great meal and coffee at a shop nearby. The cliffs this day were also breathtakingly beautiful. One of my favorite things I learned was that the Island was covered in rock and the people that lived there brought sand and seaweed to make their own soil. I found that very fascinating.  Something else that was really interesting to me were the stone fences that lined the properties. I couldn’t believe how they stood up all of these years and through all of the weather. 
The next day was bittersweet. I was ready to go back to my home in Dublin (yes I now consider it my home) but I was sad because I had just had an amazing weekend. I had learned many things and seen some amazingly beautiful places. Like I said before, my first thoughts of Galway were very wrong, but also not too far off. There were a lot of animals but also a lot of people and a lot to do. I had a great time, and would love to go back. ImageImage

-Brianna Sedor


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