Galway- Khongkrit Nanavaratorn

29 Sep

This last weekend we went to city in the West of Ireland called Galway. It was such a long ride about 3 hours long. After we reached Galway, I feel really tired and wanted to sleep. The plan changes rapidly as my friend giving an idea that we should go explore the nightlife at Galway and compare it to Dublin. We decided to go out and so we went to a bar it was quite good in atmosphere and the price for drinks are about the same as bar in Dublin. After we went to the club, where I think that it is so good and much better than Dublin. Next morning, we went to the cave where I felt that it is really bad as I think that it is man made cave and not natural at all and have seen a much better cave before. After the visit to the cave we went to the Cliff of Moher where I think was really cool since we have such a great view for atlantic ocean. It is really high and really scary when we hang our legs off the cliff but it is such a good experience to me. That day we went to eat in the restaurant where NUIN provides us and I think that the food tastes really good and I really enjoyed it. The next day we went to Aran Island where we have to sit on a bus about an hour before we reach the port where we have to sit on a boat for about an hour before we reach the Arran Island. During the boat journey, I didn’t get a seat because it is all occupied so I have to sit on the floor with a few friends but that is fine with me although I get a little bit sea sick. After we arrived, we went straight to the restaurant as I’m really hungry and really desperate to eat some seafood. After we finish the lunch, we went to the knit wears shop where I find that it is quite big and provide many interesting design of sweaters. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any of them because I already got a lot of sweaters. After that we went on a bus tour where I find quite interesting except for the graveyards. It is because normally Thai people wouldn’t go to random people graveyards. After the graveyard stop we went to the top of the mountain we we have to walk. I found that this is really interesting because it is really foggy and the weather is so nice. As we approach, to the top of the cliff I hang my legs on the cliff and I felt that it is so cool because it is so foggy.After that we went back to Galway where we have dinner at the same restaurant where I found was really good >< 

The next day we sit on a bus to eat lunch at hotel where I think that the food was terrible and is not worth the wait at all after that we went back to Dublin. I think that I have learn a lot more about Irish life and cultures through this excursions and really looking forward for the next excursion.


Cliffs of Moher


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