Entry 1 National Museum of Ireland:

29 Sep

IMG_4467While exploring around the National Museum of Ireland there were a variety of interesting artifacts. The museum was very rich in Irish culture and the experience was a very helpful way to get a grasp on the timeline of events in Irish history as well as Irish artifacts. One artifact that capture my attention was the Passage Grave Cemetery, which was originally located in Sligo, and consisted of passage tombs.  In the museum there was a reconstruction of what a passage tomb would have looked like in 3400-2800 BC. A lot like today, passage tombs are places where the deceased are buried.  The tombs are used for religious, sacred, and honorary purposes.

The passage tombs looked like an organized cluster of rocks on top of each other. It was a circular shape with designs engraved in some of the rocks.  On the front side of the tomb there was an opening with access to the inside of the tomb. The passage tombs represent this time in Irish history because it shows that the Irish were respectful of the deceased as far back as 3400-2800 BC. It also shows that they must have believed in some sort of after life as well because they had given the deceased a proper burial.

The passage tombs are in ways comparable as well as contrastable with some of the other artifacts in the museum.  For example, they are comparable with the time periods of other artifacts that were in the museum. However, they are contrastable with other artifacts such as gold. Gold can be found in various places, not just Ireland. Not to say that gold isn’t as important as these tombs, however, the tombs just seem to have more of a meaning behind what they are and what there purpose is.


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