Dublin: Culture Night

29 Sep

Every major city in the world has something to offer that is not found anywhere else. For Dublin there are many things, but something that I have particularly enjoyed is Culture Night! Being the history lover that I am, taking tours of the lovely attractions in Dublin was a fantastic adventure.

One attraction that I was particularly fond of was Christ Church Cathedral in which we did a walking tour. The beautiful, gothic architecture was stunning and really gave way to the era in which the church was actually built (1030 AD). There is no secret about the history of this beautiful landmark, because even the creators of the show The Tudors realized how well history could be portrayed as they filmed inside the church! Statues fill the walls, depicting specific biblical passages as well as memorials for the dead. I was personally able to experience the service which was constructed beautifully.


Dublin Castle was also open to the public. This significant piece of architecture has housed many important people since it’s establishment in 1204 AD. Every presidential inauguration has taken place at this site since the state was created. Not only is this landmark beautiful but it contains many aspects of history that are sacred to Dublin. While weaving in and out of the walls of history here in Dublin Castle, we were also able to appreciate the original architecture that was still left inside the castle. Although most of it is crumbling, it was still very interesting to walk within the same walls that historical figures have also walked through before. Dublin Castle is now used as a conference space for political use and also includes dining facilities.



Alyssa Stump


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