28 Sep

Last weekend, September 19-22, I had the privilege of traveling to the West of Ireland to visit Galway with the students in We took a 3 hour bus ride, and first arrived at our hostile called “Snoozles.” I had never stayed in a hostile before, and did not realize that I was going to be sleeping with 5 other peers of mine. It was something I was going to have to get used to. I had begun to feel homesick, and missed my bed in Griffith College! However, the hostile grew on me towards the conclusion of the trip. This weekend adventure provided positive memories that I will always remember.

Our first day kicked off on Friday with us visiting the Ailwee Cave in County Clare, followed by seeing the Cliffs of Moher. The Ailwee Cave was a short but interesting experience, as I learned it was founded by a man searching for his lost dog.  The most interesting part of this tour was the explanation of the rock formations, and how the rock has evolved over the years. We had an enthusiastic tour guide, which made the experience much more enjoyable.








–Aillwee Cave

The Cliffs of Moher was my favorite part of the weekend. These cliffs are about 700 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, with waves crashing below. This sight brought both stress and excitement. I felt the need to sit along the edge with my feet dangling, which gave me the opportunity to take amazing pictures. Even though this was risky, I now have pictures showing a thrilling and memorable experience that I will never forget. This was one of many highlights that I will be able to participate in throughout my time in Ireland.








–Cliffs of Moher

Our second and final day of exploring in Galway took us to the Aran Islands. We took a 45 minute ferry ride to the Aran Islands, and I immediately began to understand that this part of Ireland was much different from Dublin. There was approximately 750 people living on this island, and the island consisted of mostly farmland. This side of Ireland was much more barren and empty, but gave me a new depiction of this country. Our day ended with a visit to Dun Aonghusa Fort. I was able to experience another set of cliffs, with extreme winds and an intimidating overlook of the ocean. Overall, this was an unforgettable weekend spent with great friends.








–Dun Aonghusa Fort, cliffs

My experience at Galway educated me on a different view of Irish life, and has increased my excitement for our trip to Northern Ireland in November.


Shane Fogarty


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