The West

27 Sep

The West of Ireland was a great trip. I not only got to see what other cities are like other than Dublin, I got to see some Ireland’s most scenic locations. The islands, cliffs and city all had something to offer.

The night life in Galway had a lot to offer. Apart from where we had our dinner, I tried some amazing foods. I had great wings at a local pizza shop and tried some great shepherd’s pie. The zombie walk was especially interesting. I have not seen a large group organization like that in Dublin. It was cool that the smaller city almost seemed to have bigger events. The sentiment of the people seemed  similar to Dublin, if not even more friendly. I actually had to draw the line at one point when someone kept trying to tell me something that did not make much sense while I was on an important phone call.

The islands had a very unique atmosphere to them. It was the most different thing I have seen since I have been here. I grew up in a big city so Dublin is not that shocking to me. But being in a place run by farming with only a few hundred occupants was revolutionary to me. The life style seemed so peaceful and I can’t imagine waking up everyday to a flock of sheep and the ocean walking distance away. I think I may be able to spend a month on the islands, but not a long period of time.

The cliffs were my favorite part of the trip. I have never seen anything like that. Except for a mishap with an electric fence, it was a perfect trip. I can safely say it was the most beautiful scenery I have witnessed. I grew up going to Delaware beaches so I have never seen water so clear.

I had a great time in the West of Ireland. If I ever came back to Ireland it seems like an awesome place to return to, possibly on a bike. There are so many little things to explore in Dublin and I’m glad I have this opportunityphoto


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