The West

26 Sep

On week ago today, I experienced my first taste of western Ireland. When we arrived, the city seemed so quiet compared to the always-alive Dublin. No local restaurants were open, and besides a few pubs filled with staring locals, the city seemed bleak. The main street seemed to only be filled with Northeastern students as if we may be the only people here. After a calm night of exploring, I experienced hostel life for the first time.

IMG_2465The next day, I traveled to the Aran Islands. The weather was beautiful, and so was the bus ride and the ferry cruise over. Both introduced me to life in the west of Ireland. The rocky, mountainous scenery, which I had only heard of before, was incredible, and like nothing I’d seen before. The ferry ride over featured many people, who I assumed many of whom must be locals. Many spoke to each other with familiarity and in the native Irish language.

Someone had once told me visiting The Aran Islands was like going back in time. They were right. The small villages and the quaint lifestyle of the island seemed to be frozen in time. The old ruined churches only made the age of the island more evident. Seeing Dun Aengus was much more impressive though. The ancient military fort was simply incredible. The view over the cliffs and the view of almost the entire island was mesmerizing. That night, I experienced the real Galway, as the city became alive for Friday night. The streets were filled, and the loud music from every pub made the city much more welcoming.

The next day, I was able to see some real Western Ireland weather at the Cliffs of Moher. The dense fog created a very eery vibe, especially near the cliffs, where the world seemed to fall into nothing. Although I couldn’t seem much, seeing the ancient dolmans and other artifacts while traveling made the day better. Their age unable to compare to anything I’d seen in America before.

Overall, the trip to Galway was very cool. I really liked the Aran Islands and the village of Galway center. I felt like I saw so much and got a deeper insight into Irish culture in such a short time. Seeing the zombie gathering in Galway was a nice bonus too.


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