Ireland Rocks! (Pun intended)

25 Sep

This past weekend we spent traveling around Western Ireland and spent nights in a hostel in Galway. We went everywhere from the Aillwee Caves, and to the Cliff of Moher, but my favorite part was going to Inishmore! On Friday morning we set out early to catch a ferry over from Galway, which was a rough ride for those who are not very fond of boats. Once we got there though, it was well worth it! The island is inhabited with about 800 people and has 1 grocery store and 1 bank. They did have 2 shops for handmade wool sweaters though! We drove around the island making a few stops at places like a grave site and a look out area by the sea.

ImageWe grabbed lunch at a cute little farm house cafe where all the food was made by local women. I personally had the Guinness stew, which on a cold day is the best comfort food! After we were well fed we headed up to Dun Aengus which is a prehistoric fort on the edge of a 320 foot cliff. The first construction of this fort is estimated to be 1100 BCE.  There are three walls of defense that surround the fort which were said to be built in 500 BCE. Outside the three walls lies a system of stone slabs, known as a cheval de frise. They are planted in an upright position in the ground and were another form of defensive during an invasion. The fort was built where it is because of the maximum protection the hill in front and the cliffs behind offer it.

I could go on and on about how breath taking the cliffs were and how green of a countryside Western Ireland has, but I will save your time! Western Ireland truly is a beautiful place to visit. The people were all very friendly and the sites were truly amazing. I would go back to not only Galway, but also Dun Aengus any chance I got!

Image-Anna Wilhite


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