The mysteries of the bogs by Eduardo Mayoral

22 Sep

Bogs are very important part of Irish history and culture, for many years they have served as time capsules which perfectly preserve everything that is buried inside of them giving us glimpses into the past. A wide variety of fascinating artefacts have been found in these bogs over the years, however I feel that none are more interesting than the bodies of ancient peoples whom are discovered on a regular basis by diggers. I was particularly interested in the Clonycavan man and the Oldcroghan man, two bodies from the early Iron Age which have been discovered in recent years. The preservation of the bodies is amazing they look as if they only died a few weeks ago, oldcroghan man’s hands were especially surprising they look almost perfect. But the most interesting part of these bodies is how after running some tests on them we have discovered an amazing amount of things about them and their lives, we know their social Class, cause of death, were they lived, dietary habits, what their society was like and what their last meal were and how they died amongst many other things. To a certain extent these bodies and all the facts we have learned about them are not just interesting but also beautiful and poetic. Long after their death the essence of the lives of these people has been conserved, they remain a part of our world and even though they had long been forgotten by everyone they have become relevant again and hold with a small part of Irish culture. These 2 bodies illustrate the value of preservation and they show how transcendental our lives can be even if we do not realise it. After seeing these bog bodies I came to understand why the famous Irish poet Seamus Heaney decided to dedicate so many of his poems to the bog men whom he often used as extended metaphors to represent the preservation of Irish culture.

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