Change in Warfare

22 Sep

While walking around the museum the artifacts that really caught my eye were the artillery weapons. There were 3 guns, all of them of very different dimensions. Two of them were very long and skinny while another was short and fat. These guns really interested me because they brought about a new age in Ireland and in Europe. Cannons and guns such as these started to become used in Europe during the early 1300s but were not always the weapon of choice until later on. As time went on though new technology such as this began to put an end to medieval warfare. It made body armor obsolete and hand to hand combat less common as it was before. Also now very large castles and walled in communities were no longer impenetrable. There are many accounts during the 1300s of invaders using guns and canons such as these to destroys castles and conquer their enemies.
These artifacts really represent Ireland’s history very well. Ireland’s history, along with most of Europe’s, have been chockfull with war, invasions, and battles. These weapons mark a significant change in the way wars were fought and put the entire continent into a new age of warfare. Warriors and troops now did not have to be masters in hand to hand combat as they had to all be in the past. Medieval technology was obsolete compared to these hunks of metal that could hurl projectiles hundreds of yards towards their enemy. Because of this range could also more easily take out large walls and stockades used to protect their enemies making huge castles that were once impermeable, now susceptible to attacks. Many of the other artifacts in the museum also had to do were also weapons but none had the impact that these had. These weapons had a huge impact of Ireland’s history throwing them into a new age of war and a new style of fighting.



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