The Twisted Torque

19 Sep

Upon entering the National Museum of Ireland, I immediately gravitated towards the Celtic history and culture section.  There, amid a plethora of jewelry and artefacts, one particular torque caught my eye.  Torques, also spelled torc, were golden necklaces that often symbolized status, and were especially prominent in Celtic cultures.  Worn mostly by men, they often were displayed on images of gods and goddesses as an indicator of their high place in society.  Torques were also worn by warriors going into battle – in fact, it was all they wore.  Torques generally were metal twisted tight enough to appear to be a single piece, but the one that I found special was unique in the fact that it was wavy, a twisted ribbon style torque.  These qualities of being unique among many torques displayed are what made it catch my attention.


– Patrick Michaelis


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