Medieveal Celtic Sword

19 Sep

I found a display with a number of swords, spears, shields, horns and other instruments of warfare in varying conditions that had all been found in a bog. Most of the weapons, being centuries old, were worn and rusted; their wooden handles had long rotted away. All that was left of the spears were the metal spearheads; the wooden shafts having rotted just like the hilts of the swords. One sword in particular however caught my attention due to how well preserved it was. The blade, while well worn from use and age, showed little signs of rust and lacked the serious pitting of the other bladed weapons. What really made this one sword stand out to me however, was the fact that its wooden handle was still in seemingly perfect condition.

The sword is significant to Irish culture because it is a wonderful example of the sort of weaponry that the medieval Celtic people used. The Celts were well known and respected for their superior metalworking skills compared to other Western European civilizations of the time. They were also ferocious and renowned warriors, feared even by the Roman Empire. The Celts were best known for their use of chariot-mounted warriors. These men would ride into battle and throw javelins, such as the ones in the picture, at the enemy lines. The wheels of the chariots often had blades attached to cut down anyone who attempted to get close enough to the charioteer to harm him. Their superior weaponry and armor, coupled with advanced tactic allowed the Celts to dominate most of Western Europe for centuries. That is until the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar began his campaign against the Barbarian tribes of Europe in 58 B.C. Ultimately The Romans annexed all the land of the various barbarian peoples, (Germanics, Celts, Gauls etc.) and the last remaining Celtic tribes were pushed back to modern day Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Northern parts of modern Britain.
-Tim Wheelock

A collection of Medieval Celtic weapons. (The sword i chose specifically is second from the left)

A collection of Medieval Celtic weapons. (The sword i chose specifically is second from the left)


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