Gold Collars

19 Sep

One of the first things I noticed walking through the National Museum of Ireland was all the gold related artifacts. The one display that caught my eye were the exquisite gold collars. Both collars that are shown in the picture below have been around since 800-700 B.C.  This was called the Late Bronze Age. The collar on the left, with many layers of thin gold, was found at Toryhill, the County of Limerick. The workmanship is said to be of very high standard and much bigger in width than most gold collars of the age. It is also a very plain piece compared to others of the age. Unfortunately, much information has been lost in regards to this collar other than where it was found. The collar on the right was found in the County of Clare. It is said to be a very unusual collar. It is made with a very heavy sheet of gold. Instead of being left plain it is decorated with three rows of round bosses; a boss is a raised ornamentation. These collars were wore on the breast by powerful and wealthy members of the Irish Society.



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