Blog #1

19 Sep

After going to the National Museum, I became more familiar with the drastic changes and developments that the Irish culture went through. The museum contains a huge collection of historical artifacts that were used and invented by the people who lived in this area for the past centauries. And those artifacts come from various eras in Irish history.
Since I have a passion for weapons, the artifact that caught my attention while I was moving around in the museum was the collection of the nine spears that was displayed. The spears were displayed in order from the smallest to the largest, they were sharp but each one had a different head depending on its size. From their appearance, they seem to be made from bronze. During the period ( (1200-500 BC) which is considered as the later Bronze Age) a major renaissance took place in Ireland. Throughout this period of time, an increase in the range and complexity of objects produced by the Smiths and an increase in the funds by the upper class was added to the countries treasury including an outstanding hoard of bronze objects which included objects like swords, spears, axes, knives, horns and many other various objects.
Weapons were made in large quantities, including spears which were used as means of self-defense and hunting during that time. In comparison to other similar artifacts in the museum, the nine spears reflect the technological advancement that the Irish people had during that time, since only the developed civilizations had such technologies.


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