Blog #1

19 Sep

At the National History Museum of Ireland, I noticed that a very common artifact within the museum was bowls. The bowl I chose to analyse does not have a name, but I thought was the most interesting because it was very unique. The bowl was brown and cracked. Many pieces were missing. Compared to the other bowls in the museum, this bowl was the only one found with a knife. This bowl was also one of the only ones made out of cremated bone. The knife that was found with the bowl is called a flint knife. A flint knife is a knife made out of the stone flint. It’s extremely hard and can strike fire. The bowl was made during the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age was  period where people mainly used copper and alloy bronze from 2500-700BC. I think it’s very interesting that this bowl was made during the Bronze Age because it just seems that people that lived in this time period were so limited on resources. I also think that it is impressive that people were able to make bowls out of practically anything. I personally would never think to make a bowl out of cremated bone. This bowl shows that we nowadays take things for granted because it must have been so hard to make this bowl and today anyone can just buy one or use a machine to do it.


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