Beads – Emily Page

19 Sep

While exploring the National Museum the jewelry especially caught my eye. When I think to times significantly in the past jewelry is something that I neglect to think of. The jewelry here however was especially neat. The piece that really caught my eye was a set of amber and gold beads. The beads were placed in a circle as if they had ones been in a necklace or bracelet and alternate between gold and amber. Each bead was also completely unique with a slightly different size and shape from the last.

I think that this piece did a fairly good job of representing the time period. It was created during the Later Bronze Age, which was said to be an extremely productive time. It was know for the great variety and quality of jewelry. The goldsmiths had incredible skill and paid close attention to detail. It was a time of immense creation. There were also many similar pieces throughout which also helped to represent this period of time. There were many cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They all were well made and had incredible detail. The real differentiating factor was the amber beads which were only really seen in the piece I examined.

photo-2 copy


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