Viking/Medieval Age Longsword

18 Sep

When we entered the museum, I looked at all the different exhibits that were offered. One immediately caught my attention: the Vikings. I have a healthy interest (some might call it close to an obsession) with the Vikings, so of course I went to check it out. There were many fascinating  artifacts, but the swords caught my attention the most.

The one I chose was in very good condition for being so old. It was quite simple, just an Iron blade of about 3 feet long and maybe an inch and a half wide. the crossguard was thin then expanded out to a wider section on both sides. The hilt was far too thin to be useful, so I’m guessing that the grip rotted away or was removed at some point. The pommel was just a circle with a bar through the middle, and may have held something at some point, maybe a decorative stone or something.

This sword represents Irish history well, because it shows what kind of weapons were being used during the ages of the Viking settlers and medieval times. Many of the other swords were rusty, ridden with holes and in terrible condition. In hindsight, this may have been a replica, but that just means that it is/was a copy of a real sword.

– Austin Scheerer


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