The swivel gun- Jared Hong

18 Sep

As I entered the museum, my first impression was that it seemed small and unimpressive. However, it was not until I began exploring that I realized the museum had a wealth of historical artifacts that were not only interesting, but also revolutionary. Walking through the museum I encountered many swords, skulls and jewelry. All of which were interesting, but nothing truly ground breaking.



Finally, I came upon a room that housed the swivel gun. Upon first glance it looked like a rusted oar. The design was simple. The gun rested on swivel that could rotate around as well as up and down. To load it, all one would have to do is place the ammunition inside the half cylinder that was located at the bottom of the tube. The tube part is what would keep the bullet straight as it was shot, and at the very end, the place the operator would hold the gun, was a handle that could be used to turn/aim the gun. At the time of this invention, hand to hand combat was the popular way of fighting, any soldier who wanted to live used armor, swords, and chain mail. However, with the invention of the swivel gun, plated armor and chain mail would not stand a chance against the over powered behemoth that could decimate any person that got in its path. This kind of war machine not only gave the advantage to the user, but it modernized the way fighting was done.

Swivel Gun

Swivel Gun

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