Bog Bodies of the Iron Age – Jonathan Hay

18 Sep

I began my search for an outstanding piece of history in the main room of the National Museum of Ireland. After looking around in the main room of the museum for a fairly lengthy amount of time, I realized that nothing necessarily caught my eye to such an extent that would warrant its place in this blogpost. Eventually, I left the main room and wandered around through exhibits such as the Ancient Egypt exhibit, the Irish Vikings exhibit, and the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibit which is where I found the Bog Bodies.

Seeing two malformed and decrepit bodies grabbed my attention not for the glamour or magnificent appearance that one would expect from artifacts in a museum, and it was for just this reason that I noticed them. They stood out of the crowd of beautiful pieces of history and set themselves a part from all other pieces that I saw in the museum. The bog bodies were colored dark and brown and had an almost leathery look to them. The bodies were also mangled and had ligaments missing from all ends of each body. This is most likely because the exhibit in which they were placed is based around human sacrifice in the Iron Age (Kingship and Sacrifice).
The Bog Bodies could be seen as the main attraction of the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibit. They are a resounding example of human sacrifice in bogs during the Iron Age (Kingship and Sacrifice). I chose this artifact for the reason that it wasn’t exactly similar to any other artifacts in the museum. It stood out and it was for that reason that it interested me so much as to write about it. Even though there are many artifacts in the museum from the Iron Age, none of those artifacts relate to it in its spectacular appearance.

-Jonathan Hay



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