Kingly Attire Cloak

18 Sep

As I walked around The National Museum of Ireland looking at the different artifacts, like bronze swords and gold jewelry, the one artifact that caught my attention was the Kingly Attire cloak. I was amazed by this piece of clothing, not only by its appearance, but also by the history behind it. The first thing I noticed when I saw the cloak was that it was made out of fur, it looked very warm and heavy. It is brown and black on the outside and white from the inside. High-class people, who are referred to as the kingship of Tara, usually wore it. The Kingship of Tara lived in ancient Ireland and consists of people with great authority and power. It really grasps around the idea of social classes in ancient Ireland. For example, if you saw a person wearing this cloak in ancient Ireland, he is probably part of the high-class authorities that have a powerful status.

As I continued to walk around the museum looking at the different artifacts, I came across a glass window that displayed the jewelry and miscellaneous items in which the people part of the Kingship of Tara used. For example early kings of Tara owned cauldrons, gold neck ornaments, finger rings, brooches, multi-colored garments, wrist jewelry, golden cups, and wooden canes to show their high status and authority in ancient Ireland. Personally, I think that the fur cloak represented a person’s status in ancient Ireland and since it was made from fur it kept people warm and was usually affordable by the high-class group of people. Some people that come across this cloak might think “Its just another piece of clothing that some ancient Irish man wore.” True, but its more than “just piece of clothing”, It represented power, authority, and wealth. Having a fur piece of clothing isn’t easy to make, and with the cold Irish weather, these items are crucial to stay warm, many people of the kingship of Tara wore this cloak to show that they are part of the high class group of people and many of the lower class people couldn’t afford this kind of clothing.

Faisal Barakat

Kingly Attire Cloak


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