The Addergoole Dugout Canoe

18 Sep

Hannah Zaatar

Walking around the museum on Friday morning many different historical artifacts caught my eye but the one that was the most striking was the Addergoole Dugout Canoe. The first thing, I thought when I saw it was, how the did they get it in side the museum because it was huge. So I decided to research it.

Addergoole dug-out canoe, Lurgan, Co. GalwayThe Addergoole Dug out canoe is about 18 meters long (58 ft for us Americans.) It was discovered in 1901 in a boggy area in Galway. Because of it’s size, the canoe was brought to the museum on special linked carts, drawn by horses. The canoe is dated back to 2200 BC and was far too big to be used for fishing or ordinary transport. It was found in what used to be a small lake, so many archaeologists believe it was used as transport around the lake.

photo (1)

The size of the canoe leads to the conclusion that the trees, about 4,000 years ago, were huge and suggest that the climate has changed drastically since then, because now you would not be able to find an oak tree of that size.


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