Old Bible Found in Bog

18 Sep

Anael Drouin

Looking back at Ireland history, we stumble upon a main idea that enriches people’s idea of the Irish culture. Religion played such a great role in Irish history. Religion is believed by some to be the cause of the separation between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Some, on the other hand believe that Irish people used religion as an excuse and a reason to get rid of the British influence in Ireland. Whether or not religion was used as an excuse, it is still a key component in the history of the island. Still to this day, there is growing tension between both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

According to the National Geographic, in July of 2006, construction workers in search for potting soil, instead came across a bible which was believed to be from the medieval era, dating back to about eight hundred years A.D. Although the book dates back thousands of years, scripts have been able to be preserved due to the bog. Image


Pat Wallace claims, “In my wildest hopes, I could only have dreamed of a discovery as fragile and rare as this. It testifies to the incredible richness of the Early Christian civilization of this island and to the greatness of ancient Ireland.” Although finding an old bible is less shocking then finding a preserved body in bog, it has a major significance. Catholicism in Irish culture is very important.

The bog bible is a symbol for the religion, although it has been pushed under for years by a strong force, the core was preserved and now will live on for years. This could be said about Catholicism in Ireland, it was set to be replaced completely by Protestants, however Catholicism is still existent and still strong and meaningful in Irish life and culture.


Reference/work cited:

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