Golden Beads

18 Sep

When I first walked into the National Museum of Ireland, the first thing that caught my attention is the shiny golden ball. Not only the fact that it is shiny but also there is nine of them in total. Apart from that it is big; I know that this Gold Beads are really valuable due to the fact that my uncle owns a gold shop. It is said that originally there is eleven of them and that this ball is construct of two half and joint completely. People are assuming that they were use as bead in the necklace. Nine beads were acquired by the Royal Irish Academy and National Museum of Ireland 150 years after it was found. One of the beads is in the British Museum but the remaining one bead no one knows where it is. 



The beads at that time period really illustrate how wealthy it is because it is in the golden period. The price of the gold at that period is much cheaper comparing to what the price is today. Despite the fact that gold is not that expensive they could make huge gold ball like that. By comparing to the size of bead use in today’s world the golden bead would be ten times bigger than what is used today. Moreover to that in today world the kind of beads use are not gold anymore because gold is really expensive so they would use stone, plastic, and metal.


This artifacts really caught my attention and really surprised me. It is so big that I don’t think there would be any one willing to use gold to make beads that big ever in today’s world.

– Khongkrit N. [Max]


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