The Lurgan Logboat

14 Sep










The Lurgan logboat is one of the biggest pieces of the Irish National Museum. The vessel is around 15M long  and about a meter wide. It is basically a very long  canoe. Radiocarbon dates indicate that the craft was built at a period usually thought to be transitional between the Neolithic and the Early Bronze age. The logboat is made of oak, it was crafted from a single piece of oak that was hollowed and then crafted. It is completely black with a lot of cracks. It was found in 1902 during drainage operations in the Irish town of Lurgan. This boat played a social economic role during the prehistoric Europe. During that time most of the lowland areas had surface water. The logboat was used for transportation of people but also any type of goods that were needed. They were not designed  to cross large bodies of water specially during that time when that any  prehistocric European community was over seas. There is another boat in the museum called Gokstad faering is a viking ship but it is completely different it is actually a sail boat much more modern ,it is faster than the logboat and it can travel longer distances. What i liked about the logboat was that is very similar to the indigenous boats found in Venezuela and there is a modern version of a logboat in Venezuela called “Peñero”. It is amazing how two very separate communities can have things in common.

Venezuelan “Peñero”









Plutarco Valles


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