Untraditional Irish Music

25 Jul

As an musician and avid music fan, I was more than excited to discover a bit about the Dublin music scene. I had very little knowledge of what to expect besides a few google searches here and there. The first night we were here I stumbled across a band by the name of Meltybrains (quite the odd name). They played an incredible show at Sweeney’s. The music was intricate, loud, and accessible. This got me excited about for all the musical potential of Dublin. The next day I went to a record store, Tower Records, where I asked an employee to suggest an album for me after describing the sound of Meltybrains to him. He gave me an album by a band named Enemies. Once again, another great band, but still I wanted more, I wanted to be opened to the entire scene. A couple nights later we ended up back at Sweeney’s, which would end up become somewhat of a routine while at Malvern House. I began talking to a local there and he happened to be at the show I was at the week before. He told me about all the local shows Sweeney’s puts on. I then asked him if he knew about the band Enemies in which he responded with an excited ‘yes.’ They played in Dublin several times in the past year along with several other similar bands on a Dublin based record label called “The Richter Collective.” When I got home that night, after a bit of research I found an entire list of local bands that were quite incredible. Each band on the label had connections to at least a couple other local bands not on the label. It amazed me how quickly it all connected. I’ve never come across anything really like this in America, a web of bands each linking to each, playing similar music all influencing each other in a scene of “underground” music. Maybe I need to look harder when I’m in American but from what I’ve seen Dublin seems like the place to be for awesome music. 


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