The Cliffs of Moher

25 Jul

 ImageThe Cliffs of Moher was one of my favorite places that we visited on our excursion. The cliffs stand 214m (702 feet) and stretch 8km (5miles) along the cost. I like the idea that Ireland just kind of drops off. The cliffs have a magical feel to them, as though we were seeing the same cliffs that Irish people looked at during mid-evil times.  Moher in Irish means ruined fort. The cliffs got this because of an old fort that once stood on Hag’s Head. Ledged has it that there were 3 brothers who have a beautiful sister. A druid foretold a fearful end of them all if their only sister did not remain a virgin.  The built the fort for her and built 3 other forts to guard her.  The guarded her for a long time, until their cattle was carried away and the 3 brothers went to fight for them back. In the battle the fort of Moher was destroyed. The 3 brothers returned in triumph only to find that their sister, whose virginity their lives depended on, had eloped with Diarmuid. Diarmuid had been promised the hand of the most beautiful women in all of Ireland if he won a hurling match against Fianna. He won the match and Aengus told him that the most beautiful women in Ireland lived in the Fort at Loop Head.


I, also found it quite incredible just how many birds there were living in the rock in what seemed like a bird apartment building. The cliffs have the largest mainland seabird nesting colony in Ireland with 9 species of breeding seabirds, 20 species of nesting birds, and 30,000 breeding pairs. A dolphin also swam with the boat as we came into the harbor. They informed us that the Dolphine’s name is Dusty and she has been hanging around the harbor for about 4 or 5 years and liked to play with the kids that swam in the cove.

In addition, I was excited to hear that several movies and shows have been filmed at the cliffs. The Princess Bride and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as well as several wild life shows.  This video is a behind the scenes video about shooting at the cliffs.


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