GAA Games!

24 Jul

GAA Games!

My favorite cultural experience in Dublin has been going to the GAA games! I am a sports fanatic. I think I like sports a bit more than some of my guy friends. So when the opportunity came up to go to the hurling match, I could not say no, especially since it was a division championship match! Obviously I had no idea what hurling was, I did a little research on Wikipedia before the games so I had some semblance of what was going on. I could feel the buzz through the stadium; Dublin had not won a Leinster Championship in 52 years. The match consisted of Galway v. Dublin; needless to say Dublin was the underdog. With a close game right until about 10 minutes left Dublin came out on top winning 2-25 to 2-13 against Galway. It was the first time the two teams have met in a Leinster Final.

The next weekend a smaller group of us went to see the Dublin Gaelic Football team play in the Leinster Championship against Meath. Having seen Australian Rules football, I sort of had some understanding of the game. Unlike the hurling team, Dublin had won eight of the last nine Leinster championships and was favored to win the game. There were also about 20,000 more fans at the football game than the hurling match. It was not a hard game to follow and Dublin won 2-15 to 0-14. Their goaltender and captain, Stephen Cluxton, scored five of those goals.

Both games were very exciting but I have to say, but I liked hurling more than I liked the football game. It was also the first time that the two teams had won championship at the same time in 60 or so years! I loved the atmosphere in and around the stadium and happy we got to go see both games. It is definitely something I will never forget about my time in Ireland.


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