Irish Sports and Culture

22 Jul

Irish sports are a big part of the Irish culture. The GAA, or the Gaelic Athletic Association was founded in 1884. Currently with 800,000 members the organization is focused primarily on promoting Gaelic games such as hurling, carnogie, Gaelic football, handball and rounders. The GAA also promotes Irish music and dance and the Irish language. Gaelic football and hurling are the most popular games promoted by the organization and the most popular sports in the Republic of Ireland. The GAA has grown to become a major influence in Irish sports and Irish culture. There have also been many controversies that have arose from the formation of the GAA. One of these controversies was rule 27. Rule 27 stated that “”any member of the association who plays or encourages in any way rugby, football, hockey or any imported game which is calculated or injuriously affect our national pastimes, is suspended from the association.” This was made in 1902 but was deleted in 1971. Another controversy surrounding the GAA was rule 21. This rule banned members of the British forces from participating in Gaelic games. This rule was kept alive until 2001. Croke park is home to all Gaelic games. It was created in 1884 and redeveloped in 1990. It can currently hold up to 82,300 people. Sports are not the only thing that takes place in Croke park. U2 is known to put on concerts in Croke park as well. Learning about another culture’s sports is very interesting and at some times very confusing. Because Ireland’s sports are so different from the United States it is sometimes hard to follow. Being that we were in Ireland for an extended amount of time we were able to see a hurling game and were able to pick up on the rules and how the games were played. Since sports are such a big part of the Irish culture I’m glad we were able to experience it. Image


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