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The Mullamast Stone

28 Jun


While roaming around the National Museum of Ireland, the object that most caught my eye was the Mullamast Stone. The stone is a Lime Boulder that was saved when a Castle at Mullamast was being demolished. The stone is said to predate the castle of which it was a part of. The original location of the stone is thought to be the royal site at Dun Ailline near Kilcullen.

The stone has multiple carvings on it, which are all of a spiral pattern.  

            Because the Mullamast Stone has the same type of spiral design as brooches of the same period, this stone can be dated to approximately the 6th century. Image


The brooch pictured below would be the kind of pin that one would own during the 6th century, which is also the period in which the Castle at Mullamast was destroyed and the Mullamast Stone was preserved. The same multi-spiral design that is on the Mullamast Stone can clearly be seen on the top of the brooch



There are 4 blade marks on the side of the stone, and two on top (can be seen in the picture to the bottom), which suggests that it was part of a “sword in the stone” kingship ritual in Celtic history (ancient Arthurian Legend).

            The sword in the stone legend says that only the true king can pull the sword from the stone.

            Another belief is that the Kings sharpened their weapons in the four blade marks that are on the side of the stone.

            Because of the location that the Mullamast Stone was located, it is believed to be the place where the Kings of Leinster were initiated.

            The trip to the National Museum of Ireland was a wonderful experience as a whole. There were many artifacts that struck attention, many with such designs that obviously required much work, as the patterns are very detailed. It is definitely a trip never to be forgotten.






26 Jun

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