Time to Go

17 Apr

Getting ready to leave is really strange. I have completely mixed emotions about everything, I’m torn between being excited to get to go home, and being sad about leaving Ireland. On one hand I think it’s time for me to go home and spend time there with my friends and family, but then this experience has been such an amazing one and I’m going to miss the friends I’ve made here. I’m going to miss Dublin as well; always having something to do, the pubs, being able to walk everywhere, and especially the people of Dublin. I also think it’s really cruel that the weather decided to be this beautiful right before we left; it just makes it that much harder to leave.St. Patricks Day 211

While I do have mixed emotions about leaving, I certainly don’t have any regrets about my time here. I feel like I’ve gotten to experience so much of Ireland, and I’ve even experienced a little bit of other countries like on my trips to Barcelona and London. This whole opportunity has been amazing, and has taught me so much. I’ve become more independent, more outgoing, and it’s taught me that if I want to do something I should go out and do it instead of just sitting in my room complaining. This semester has also immensely fed my want to travel the world. I’m already planning my next adventure!

Probably the most important part of this trip is the different people I’ve met. Not only making new great friends, but meeting people from all over the world has been amazing. It’s allowed me to realize how close-minded we as a culture can tend to be. I’ve also seen the different stereotypes people expect of Americans, and now I’m determined to avoid being the stereotypical American. I guess the only reason I’m not completely freaking out about leaving, is because I realize how much I’ve learned and grown from this experience and I hope that I’ll just have more of these amazing experiences in the future.  Me the first week here


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