The Gathering

17 Apr


                At first I believed the gathering was to be a celebration of the Irish culture specifically on Saint Patrick’s Day. A day in which people from all over the world celebrated their Irish roots at the homeland. It was to my surprise that the gathering in Dublin is set to bring everyone who loves Ireland back for a year of a bunch of different events. The gathering hosts competitions in everything from art to American football at which anyone can sign a team up online and take part in tournaments held in south Dublin. The slogan is “Meet To Compete,” which I find very fitting for the circumstances in which the people are gathering for. They have thirty-five sporting events, an international art competition running across fifteen countries and a chance to trace your genealogy.

                The gathering in Dublin 2013 welcomes first-timers and ex-pats to Ireland for a chance to make memories and fondly visit old ones. This truly is a time for every to celebrate being Irish and even if you have no ancestry to come and experience the history and the culture that embodies this little island. If people are connected to Ireland in some way either through genealogy, college, alumni association, business connections, or even if you are or have played for a school, college or state and would like to have you team ‘Meet To Compete’ The Gathering of Dublin 2013 is the place to do it! Tourism Minister Leo Varadkar described The gathering as “an invitation to the world to come and join in Ireland’s renewal.” The gathering is intended to bring people into Ireland. The boost in the expected tourism will generate a good amount of money for the Irish economy. Which is something they desperately need right about now. Every town and village in Ireland will be asked to participate in the events. So not only is the gathering trying to generate revenue from tourism but it’s also trying to get its citizens involved in the fun. Not only will the gathering generate up to $399 million for the Irish economy but it is also speculated to create 2,000 jobs. Which is something many people in Ireland are desperately looking for. 






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