The Brazen Head

17 Apr


                The brazen head is a pub near where we are residing in Ireland. It’s location is on bridge street near the Liffey. It is if not the oldest, certainly one of the oldest pubs in Dublin. The pubs history can be traced back eight centuries! It is believed to be the oldest drinking establishment in Dublin, there has been a bar on the same site since the 12th century when it was located in the medieval city with the original tavern being replaced by a coaching inn in the late 17th century. When one first enters The Brazen Head pub you first see an old courtyard which conveniently turns into a beer garden in the summer. The Brazen Head has two bars that are cluttered with old memorabilia which quite nicely reflects the bar’s history within the city.

                Pubs life in Dublin is not like how bars are in the United States. In Ireland pubs are meeting spots. They are family friendly where people go to hangout, sing, dance, and just have a little craic. This could be why The Brazen Head has played such a central role in Dublin’s history. The pub has had many famous patrons such as Irish nationalists like Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmet and Daniel O’Connell drinking there and Irish writers like James Joyce, Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan. The Brazen is a popular tourist destination. Having said that one can expect to pay a little extra for a fine pint of Guinness. Due to its popularity there is late night drinking on Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week. There are also live trad sessions every night and an early session on Sundays featuring some on the country’s finest traditional musicians. Making it a must see pub within Dublin.  If that wasn’t enough to get you in the door there is folklore and storytelling dinner entertainments. The Irish are known for their story telling what could be more perfect than a candlelit traditional Irish dinner listening to the stories of the Irish and enjoying some enchanting traditional music and ballads at The Brazen Head.






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