Old Structure – Newgrange

17 Apr

On my trip to Newgrange, I was able to view and enter into something that was constructed more than 5,000 years ago. Seeing this tomb or temple or ancient burial sight or whatever it was used for was so impressive because of how old this structure is and because the architecture absolutely amazes me. The fact that whoever built this ancient burial sight had no means of machines to help them transport the rocks and everything else that went into building this tomb. Although the size of the tomb on the outside was humongous, I was quite disappointed with how small the area inside the tomb was.  My expectations were not met as I had hoped that the tomb was as big as it was on the inside as it was on the outside. Unfortunately, the tomb only had a small pathway that led into a very tiny room 20 meters into the structure, which is only a third of the entire area of Newgrange. However, the room inside the tomb was very unique.


It was quite interesting and sad to see all of the graffiti from previous visitors before there was any real supervision at the tomb. I also found it very odd about the three slots in the walls. There was of course the famous tri-spiral that happened to oddly look like the famous Mickey Mouse symbol, which I quite enjoyed. Also, the slot on the very right was decorated the most and seemed to have attracted the most attention. Usually, the center of attention is always focused to the middle in any display but this particular tomb had the most amount of attention the right of the room. Stranger enough, however, even though this ancient tomb may have been used to worship the sun, I found it very ironic that the entire room was in the shape of a cross. The room led in twenty meters and then had three rooms, one at the top, left, and right resembling a cross.


I was quite unsure why there was no photography or filming allowed in this ancient temple. The reasoning for this was because the tour guide mentioned that this room was sacred and they wanted to respect those that were once buried or honored there in the Newgrange. I, however, feel that there is no reason why we should not have been able to take any photos. Whenever, someone goes into St. Patrick’s Cathedral, or St. Peter’s Basilica, or any other churches, there is no crime for taking pictures. I feel that taking pictures of these extraordinary places of worship makes me more inclined to admire that particular place. It also gives you a memory of how unique those particular structures were. Especially with Newgrange for how ancient it really is, I would have loved to get a few pictures inside this ancient site. Knowing that this may be the oldest site ever, being 500 years older than the Pyramid of Giza and being more than 1000 years older then Stonehenge, I would like some simple photo to remember it.


I did enjoy my visit to Newgrange however I was a bit disappointed because my expectations were so high. I was also upset with the fact at how little time we were given in side of Newgrange. We were given an example of what would happen on the Winter Solstice at approximately 8:58 am but we were only given about 15 minutes maximum to look inside the tomb. Hopefully, I will have a bit more time when I win the lottery to go back to Newgrange on December 21st, 2013!


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