Not your Typical Arcade

17 Apr

I am definitely one of those people who has no problem wondering the streets and finding new things. When I first got to Dublin finding new things and places was one of my favourite pastimes. I would walk all over the city, getting lost most of the time but I never minded it because I loved that feeling. Right up the street from Castlehouse and down the street from the DBS Aungier St. location I stumbled upon a little gem that would soon be one of my favourite places, George’s Street Arcade. I remember my first time walking through it. I was amazed with how many tiny shops fit into a place that really wasn’t all that large. The “South City Market” was what it was called when it first opened in 1881. The market was not as successful as it is today. It didn’t actually gain much popularity until a devastating fire broke out in 1892. This sounds a little bit strange, I know, but just wait. The shopkeepers lost everything, their stock and their homes. Most of them lived in the overhead areas above their shops. In true Dublin fashion though, the public stepped in and organised a fund for them. By 1894 the arcade was re-opened in the same style it had originally been crafted in. Today, the George’s Street Arcade has a nice ambiance to it. Just by walking through it you can tell many stores have been there for a very long time while others are just starting off. It has a nice mixed feel of old and new. One of the many reasons I love it so much. It also has everything you could think of, my favourite frozen yogurt shop to a collection of unique jewellery. There are cafes, vintage clothes, hair salons it is like a one stop shop. There is something for everyone here. I have now been through the arcade countless amounts of times yet every time it feels a little bit different. Gorge’s Street Arcade is one of those places in Dublin that caught my eye from the moment I saw and one that I am truly going to miss when I leave Dublin.


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