My Top 3 Favorite Things I Have Done While Living In Dublin

17 Apr

As my stay in Ireland is nearing the end, I have had time to reflect on the things I have done while living here in Dublin. Dublin is a very unique and interesting city full of history and culture and I am glad I got to live here for 3 and a half months.

3. Meeting interesting Irish people. Throughout Dublin there are many unique and interesting people I have been able to meet. I enjoyed the kindness of every cab driver always asking me where I am from, the people I have talked to at the pubs, and the stories many Irish citizens have told me. On the plane ride here I sat next to a nice Irish women who told me a lot about Ireland, and her family and she was the first person to show me how nice and welcoming Irish people are and I appreciated that greatly.

2. Going to the Pubs. I really enjoyed all the pubs I got to go to while in Ireland. I liked going to the Temple Bar Area even though it is constantly crowded with tourists and different tourists traps and the drinks are very pricey. My favorite bar in Dublin would have to be Whelans. I love the live music and I love the atmosphere. I went to different pubs in different areas and in Dublin and most of them were enjoyable, but Whelans is by far my favorite. If I had to choose my second favorite it would probably be Flannerys.

1. My favorite thing I have done while in Dublin was going to the St.Patrick’s Day festivities and seeing how Dublin celebrates. It was so fun and cool to be in Ireland during St. Patrick’s day and I am glad I got the chance. The parade and going out in Dublin with my friends was especially fun and I will remember it forever.

My stay in Dublin has been fantastic and I am going to miss it when I return home in less than two weeks. I met so many awesome people and made some great friends and I am going to cherish these moments I have had as long as I live!



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